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Johnny Bearskin

Johnny Bearskin was born on December 31, 1894 and died in Fort George on April 16, 1976. He was born inland and was raised as a hunter and trapper. His parents were John and Mary Bearskin. His mother was from Great Whale. He had two younger brothers, Robert and Thomas, an older sister Maggie and two younger sisters, Annie and Mary, but they had other siblings who died very young. Johnny was married to Sarah head, together they had nine children. They raised their children out on the land where they themselves were raised. There were times when they didn't even come to Fort George during the summer. He knew the land and traveled a lot. Although he had a good life there were times when it was very hard. He was one of the few men that helped build the houses at the Kanaaupiscow trading post. He was always out on the land until he could no longer hunt.

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